Ed Unofficial 0.0

I’ve done a bit of fiddling with the “ed-on-a-chip” release from the SmartXX people. It is an embedded linux “distribution” running from 2mb of flash on the Xbox. Changelog:

  • Updated to 2.4.27 + xbox-linux CVS patches + (maybe) proper F & G support
  • Updated to busybox 1.00rc3
  • Updated to pure-ftpd 1.20
  • Updated the initrd image and linuxboot.cfg from Ed on a Chip 0.0.4
  • Fixed Makefile autodownload failing with current wget (-c behaviour changed)
  • Fiddled about with kernel-settings. Some kernel modules can be made manually; these include USB (input + storage), NFS (server + client) and smb. They are not in the initrd by default due to space restrictions.

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