Monthly Archives: May 2002

knockin’ on heaven’s door

the “cowboy bebop movie – knockin’ on heaven’s door” kicks ass! the quality of the animation is awesome and the story is good (but not related to the back-story of the series). the plot-line reminds me a whole of the “patlabor 2”-movie… if columbia / tristar make their dvd-release as nice as metropolis, then i’m a happy camper!

Hoshi no Koe

watch “hoshi no koe” (the voices from a distant star) by shinkai makoto! it’s excellent. lots of cg / mecha, but it actually is about a looooooooong distance relationship. go figure! thanks, bakaMX (although a lot of interlaced frames sneaked through the IVTC – maybe the source was partly 29.97fps?).

Anti-Revision Coding

did some programming to prevent me from doing any revision: result is the cute neon genesis evangelion desk-toy, coded from an old win 3.1 program i found on the ‘net… try it, you might like it!
edit: circumvented a problem under win2k / xp that occured after task-switching from and back to it. somehow you have to reset the SetLayeredWindow-things for the window to be updated from the win GDI again after a task-switch (???). odd!

More Audigy Drivers

compaq has released new drivers (newer than creative’s) dated 2002-03-18 for the sb-live & audigy and those haven’t crashed (BAD_POOL_CALLER on closing the wave-out device in winamp) yet (knock on wood). you can find them here (377mb, i.e. the whole install cd). remember to delete the CToem-config file (or they won’t install). these are working fine for me so far…