Monthly Archives: December 2003

Making Progress

Now the only thing that keeps us (Alex and me) from completing “1080° Avalanche” is the Extreme cup and the tricks section (of which we don’t have the slightest idea of how to make enough points… ;)). Collecting the coins in time-trial and doing the gate challenge was probably more fun than doing the main-races, although some of the coins were very well hidden. The problem with gate-challenge is to control yourself not to want to do them “too well” (i.e. too quickly).

Fighting spare time

Although I’m always complaining that I don’t seem to have any time, I finished “DeusEx: Invisible War” and “Prince of Persia – Sands of Time”.
DE:IW is a good game, again with many conflicting choices – but this time around most of the choices by some twist or another have the same consequences. But the shadows in this game are awesome (and probably part of the reason why it’s such a system-hog)! It’s the first time I’ve felt they are done correctly (in a unified way) and not a second pass with subtractive blending or some such cheat.
PoP-SoT is a great game, excellent level-design / puzzles. Combat is allright (but like the game itself really has to be played with a gamepad (Thrustmaster bundle-offer)) and I like that enemies can damage each other with their hits. The final confrontation with the vizir (sp?) was a bit of a letdown, though. At least in “Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker” I knew I was fighting the evil last boss (i.e. sweating blood and tears). But all in all, it’s got great graphics (but no AR other than 4:3) and excellent gameplay while it lasts.


Fird real snow! This is (if I remember correctly) the first proper snow in Hannover. It is still quite warm though (> 0°C) and the snow is thus more reminiscent of a “slush puppy” than anything else. Melts quite quickly, too…


Shredded Middle Finger That is what happens when you have to help your parents refurbish some flat. And on the third day, he managed roll 3 spikes into / through his finger and nail… So the damage is actually on the other side. 😉

Language Jewels

Did a little scripting in Ruby, and it is a really neat language (with a huge amount of nifty bindings), although embedding it is next to impossible. I also think that my Ruby-“style” leaves a lot to be desired, I need a Ruby-style-guide or something to see how things are really supposed to be done.