Monthly Archives: November 2002

Paranoid about Fire

The strike of the English firemen is starting to p*ss me off: (I’m not saying they shouldn’t strike, but…) University buildings have been closed after 18:00 and on weekends so that you can’t get any computing work done out of hours, and worst of all, we’ve had to cancel many Anime-Society meetings… We might even have to cancel our end-of-term quiz, if the new strike (from wednesday) goes ahead… 🙁


went to “oriental city” in london (previously called “yohan plaza” (sp?)). had a good time, a good meal, and finally got to play w/ my own bottle of ramune. but how on earth does one open it without making it all fizzy??? ^_^

Adjusting ClearType

I’ve written a web-page / script (using Microsoft’s ClearType control) that you can use to adjust ClearType without being online (mainly because my Compaq TFT8030 uses BGR pixel order instead of RGB, there is no documentation on how to set that and my computer is not connected to the ‘net). You’ll need WinXP SP1 to use the BGR pixel-order, but you can set the anti-aliasing type and ClearType contrast on pre-SP1 machines. Get it here.


I want Pioneer to hurry up releasing “Mahoromatic”. Hope they pick up season 2 as well… ^_^
And while they’re at it, pick up “Haibane-Renmei (Charcoal Feathers Federation)” (if they haven’t already) and release it!

Mental Strength

Why do I get so much new anime when I’ve got so much work to do? “Ghost in the Shell – Standalone Complex” is excellent, but so far no sign of an overall, larger story-arc. Then again, it’s called “Standalone Complex”…

More Metroid

“Metroid Fusion” for the Gameboy Advance kicks butt! Just like “Super Metroid 3” for the Super Nintendo / Famicon and “Metroid 2” for the original Gameboy (which from a marketing point of view is probably called Gameboy Classic now ^_^), both of which I’ve played tirelessly. Great mood, music, and interesting story!
As an aside, I’m quite impressed w/ the hardware of the Gameboy Advance (ignoring the passively lit display)…