Monthly Archives: September 2004

RSS Feeds

I’d recommend anyone with a reasonably popular blog software to keep an eye on their comments section. I’ve recently gotten single-link spam entries that are hard to filter out automatically. An RSS-Feed for your comments helps to track these down quickly.

TaQ – Electro Tuned

Over the past few days I’ve taken a liking to TaQ – Electro Tuned in Dancing Stage Unleashed (on Easy ;)). It’s a song I had positively hated before, but now that I “get” squeaky bits (3 notes / steps in a slightly off-beat fashion), it has become immensely enjoyable. It also does not hurt that the song reminds me of the P.N.03 soundtrack. 😀

Reon Kadena

Reon (Leon?) Kadena just ought to stop that merciless teasing and do “proper” AV. 😉 Which reminds me, that I haven’t heard from Maiko Kazano in a long time, maybe she has retired…

The new iMac…

I’ve always eyed the Apple machines with a certain kind of glee. I think I’d use one more as a Unix workstation than anything else, but they’re nice nonetheless.
The first iMac (with CRT) was definitely ugly, the next one (lamp) was “meh!” but this one is actually tempting (especially that it’s 25dB quiet) — ignoring the abysmal GPU. The middle option configured to my tastes (wireless everything, 512mb RAM) would set me back about €1850 (whereas a comparable, traditional Dell-PC would cost €1750). Maybe they’ll include a proper graphics chip in their upgrade in ~6 months time, and if a financial reevaluation at that time yields positive results, I might actually buy an Apple (probably not as “primary” computer, though).