Monthly Archives: March 2002

musa (“the warrior”)

2nd (mini-)review of the evening: musa (“the warrior”) region 3 (only). anamorphic transfer, but some artifacting close to the black-levels, which is a bit of a shame as quite a lot of takes place at night / in the dark. still a good transfer, but you might want to reduce brightness / contrast a bit [edit: looked fine on telly]. excellent film as well (had me crying for the last 20 minutes). rather violent. director’s commentary does not have english subs :(. good balance between action & character interactions.


avalon region 3 release by “panorama entertainment”: playable in all regions, not anamorphic, good transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0 (polish), chinese & english subs (ok, some typos). excellent film. very oshii (slow in a sense), thinking, bleak. excellent soundtrack by kenji kawai.

completely vacant

going back to hannover, germany by bus (so i can take my computer) as we haven’t been able to get ferry tickets at a reasonable price. i’ll probably arrive there at 11:00am on friday. also started packing as i have to completely vacate my room in hall. argh!

early bird

finished my 3rd practical numerical analysis project (heat diffusion PDE) yesterday (i.e. nearly two weeks early!). will try to finish the write-up for the evolutionary techniques assignment today, so that i have time to work on my 20+ pages essay on graph theory (or numerical solutions to (P)DEs).