Monthly Archives: January 2003

Performance Monitor (PDH) again

When you’ve added a counter to a query whose instance does not exist yet, then you get an PDH_STATUS_NO_INSTANCE error (or something like it). But you still get that same error after the instance has been created; even if you remove the counter from the query and add it again. The only remedy seems to be to call PdhEnumObjects with the bRefresh flag set to TRUE, and the re-adding the counter, but that is very slow…

The Transporter

I went to see “The Transporter” on the weekend (mainly because it was (partly) produced by Luc Besson). Very entertaining, but not perfect… Like most action-films a bit stupid / sassy at times, but overall well worth watching…

Getting old

“Star Trek – Nemesis” is crap (IMO). It just felt like going through the motions. And it copied from all over the place:
<SPOILERS>Buggy = “Final Fantasy”

  • Costume = “Batman”
  • Data Download = “The Matrix”
  • Falling Loser = “Star Wars III”
  • Speared = “Lord of the Rings”

    Singing Eggs

    I managed to finish “RahXephon”. I’m not quite sure what I think of it yet, but it is a good series (with some parallels to “Neon Genesis / Shin Seiki Evangelion”, but oddly enough they’re not the ones which seem to be most apparent at the beginning of the series). But I am not a big fan of the singing (except for Quon’s “La La?”)… ^_^

    Bicycle Delivery

    You can safely start watching “Witch Hunter Robin” at episode #11 and not miss any of the story (well… watch eps #01-02, too – for the introduction). But the story seems to be worth it… As an aside: Why has noone made a Robin-wallpaper of her in that spandex-biking outfit? <nudge> ^_^


    “Gatekeepers 21” is surprisingly good. In fact, it’s excellent (in contrast to the TV series). It’s set 30 years later, still has the “obligatory” schoolgirls, but is much darker and gloomy in feel and concentrates on a much smaller cast of 3 (arguably 4) main characters. It just made my current top-five anime list out of nowhere… ^_^