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A septocycle At the hotel were some of my colleagues and I play squash (which doesn’t kill my joints as much as it used to after I had gotten proper shoes) we found this “septocycle”. Didn’t know things like that existed…

CeBit 2004

The wooden roof (from the EXPO2000) I’ve been to CeBit on Friday (entry for which was gratiously offered by the DLR). Nothing terribly exciting, but the nice guys at the Sony-Ericsson customer service booth flashed a current firmware on my mobile (and I even got a brand new rechargable battery!). 😀
I also picked up Knoppix 3.4 and it seems that its creator, Klaus Knopper, is a genuinely nice guy.

New Job

My (temporary) office Started my job unexpectedly early (Tuesday) and I only got a web- (and all other sorts of) account(s) today. Seems interesting so far, actually went to Goettingen by train today to hear a talk, so it was quite an adventure.
This is my temporary office; to the left is a Linux-PC (or to make Mr. Stallmann happy, a GNU/Linux PC), and to the right a Unix-terminal. As it’s an office for two people, there’s an equivalent set-up on the other side of the room.

More Snow

More snow [time-travelled post] This is the view from the DLR parking space near the building where I work onto the Braunschweig airport’s runways. The weather on the drive there from Hannover was abysmal (icy rain which froze up my wind-shield while driving), but I got here safely to start my first day of work – doing a PhD.