Monthly Archives: November 2003

Games are getting easier

Pretty much finished “Mario Kart: Double Dash” today together with Alex (i.e. mirror-mode Star-Cup and All-Star Tour). Good fun, but not as challenging as the good old “Super Mario Kart”. I don’t know whether I can be asked to complete the All-Star Tour for 50cc and 100cc, though… 😉

Blogger and Time

And no, I don’t have a bloody clue why blogger messes up the order of dates in nightly postings… Probably got something to do with timezones…
*edit:* Sent support query, fixed it promptly. And that for a free service. Ta!

Last Exile

My opinion on the “Last Exile” ending: Meh! The whole series is pretty in the beginning, unengaging after that, then really good for a while and ends with meh! GONZO needs script-writers… Desperately!

I can post Desktops, too

My Desktop I had the idea of putting up a semi-random snapshot regularly. Unfortunately, not that much has been picture worthy recently. The weather is pretty drab, and I haven’t been anywhere exciting.
So, to start off with a bang (ahem), here’s my desktop!
Spot any or all the the following: el-cheapo DVD-player, Gamecube, coffee-cup with no coffee, auto-winding wristwatch that doesn’t autowind, Bluetooth headset, Griffin PowerMate, 5.1 amp, old-ish Sony Clié, two USB LED-displays, and various other stuff…

He’ll be my Hero

Nintendo / Sega ought to get their asses in gear and publish an F-Zero GX soundtrack, the music is awesome! Until that happens, you can get some very nice game-rips here. FilePlanet needed a bit of convincing to give me all the files, but after circumventing their subscription / bandwidth-limitation system (which blatantly tells you that the requested files cannot be found although they are there!) with a bit of URL-fiddling, all is good.