Monthly Archives: March 2004

Naruto / Full Metal Alchemist

I have been (or more precisely: I currently am) catching up on anime (at the cost of Ninja Gaiden) and so far have gotten to the current episodes of “Naruto” and “Full Metal Alchemist”. Both rock, but in rather different ways. “Naruto” is simply good entertainment (massive build-up but also a good pay-off (e.g. the Hokage fight)), whereas “Full Metal Alchemist” is for a slightly older audience and seems surprisingly coherent and has plenty of shock-value.

Linux on Laptop

After picking up a new Linux distribution, I thought I may as well give it another try on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 8600). Started off with with the new Knoppix, but then decided to use Kanotix BugHunter 4 instead, as that already includes KDE 3.2.1. After a lot of twiddling, I now seem to have everything working (Kernel 2.6.4, Bluetooth mouse, correct resolution (1680×1050), 3D acceleration (including fgl_glxgears which had always given me an “Error: cannot get fbconfig.”), wireless lan (using ndiswrapper 0.6)). Phew!

CeBit 2004

The wooden roof (from the EXPO2000) I’ve been to CeBit on Friday (entry for which was gratiously offered by the DLR). Nothing terribly exciting, but the nice guys at the Sony-Ericsson customer service booth flashed a current firmware on my mobile (and I even got a brand new rechargable battery!). 😀
I also picked up Knoppix 3.4 and it seems that its creator, Klaus Knopper, is a genuinely nice guy.

Fire Emblem

I have been playing quite a bit of “Fire Emblem” over the weekend, and have finished chapter 9. It is a very nice game (if you enjoy this sort of strategy/RPG cross-over), and somehow seems much more interesting to play than “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance”.