Naruto / Full Metal Alchemist

I have been (or more precisely: I currently am) catching up on anime (at the cost of Ninja Gaiden) and so far have gotten to the current episodes of “Naruto” and “Full Metal Alchemist”. Both rock, but in rather different ways. “Naruto” is simply good entertainment (massive build-up but also a good pay-off (e.g. the Hokage fight)), whereas “Full Metal Alchemist” is for a slightly older audience and seems surprisingly coherent and has plenty of shock-value.

2 thoughts on “Naruto / Full Metal Alchemist

  1. Michael

    I hear what you’re saying 🙂 I love Naruto for the light and fun humor (though it does have it’s dramatic moments. BUT I much prefer Full Metal Alchemist, I must have seen the entire 52 episodes in a row lol…., dangerously addictive as well!


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