Monthly Archives: September 2001

i’ve been writing some quite nifty bits of (C-)code lately, which i’ll probably polish up at uni and then publish… amongst them:

  • generating N regular sampling points on a sphere (where N any number),
  • tracing your own call-stack when you crash (in release code) w/ function name display etc.,
  • make your own win32 tray application framework,
  • memory managment pools (if i get them done they way i want to ;)).

in a different universe (the one before 2001-09-11), my parents’ cd/dvd-rom broke, so i cannot work on vStrip for a while (until either they get a replacement or i get back to university).

i was more than shaken by tuesday’s attack(s) on the WTC-complex and the pentagon. i happened to be watching CNN as the whole thing began to unravel itself and became increasingly frightened as things went on. i have visited the world-trade-center myself, but TV or photographs simply cannot make you grasp the scale of the things that happened there.
also, i’m getting quite upset at companies/institutions that use this event to tell us how “human and feeling” they are. in double-page spreads w/ the most prominent thing being their logo. i simply expect them to feel grief, because if they didn’t, they would’ve lost all humanity/conscience long ago, so there’s no need to be telling me that you donated $XXX,XXX for those that suffered – but if they didn’t tell me, they wouldn’t profit from it and – hence – wouldn’t do it…
for something that expresses quite well how i feel, try alas, life does indeed go on – it has to…

the region 1 “die hard” box set (the dolby digital version, not the DTS set) contains the films in 2:35 aspect ratio but not anamorphic. stupid fox!