Monthly Archives: April 2007

It’s wavelet bugfix time — 3.3.4 is here!

While compressing a multi-channel file with a target bitrate and no specific target MSEs the resulting bit distribution between the channels seemed rather odd, and comparing the results to an older version revealed that it was indeed totally bogus!
So I changed the target MSE computation in main.c to be more inline with what happens in, which revealed a another bug where tiny negative (i.e. relative) target MSEs passed to wv_query_scheduler() / wv_encode() were converted to 0 (instead of the smallest negative fixed point number representable) and thus interpreted as absolute target MSEs.
Both of these are fixed in 3.3.4 (and has also been recompiled with the relevant fix).
Other than those two fixes (both of which only relate to target MSE evaluation when compressing), the code is identical to (and thus fully compatible with) version 3.3.3.