Monthly Archives: September 2002

Invisible blue Screens

Sorry for the lack of updates, but my computer didn’t like my new RAID5-controller… A point of advice (which i learnt the hard way): Don’t try to use a Geforce3 / 4 and an Adaptec 2400A controller on a Tyan Tiger MPX board (the revision w/o working USB); it simply does not work under load (screen goes blank and you get a bluescreen you can’t see). Both Adaptec’s and Tyan’s support say it should work; but it doesn’t… :s
Fixed it by getting a Tyan Tiger MP. Anyone need a Tyan Tiger MPX dual Athlon board?

Saishu Heiki Kanojo

watched the first three episodes of Saishu Heiki Kanojo (My Girlfriend, The Ultimate Weapon). And yes, it’s as odd as the title. But it’s also really, really good. A very strange cutesy style with uhm… odd? flat? noses. lots of great style and emotion, and no GONZO-typical blunders in animation (Chise using both arms to wipe her tears away on the lookout-spot of the army base looks adorable). it goes super-deformed once in a while, has excellent humor (Chise dropping some rockets while riding on the back of the bike) and yet seems very sad while dealing with (sur-)real problems… /me wants more!


came across something… …odd? seems that a regular television programme is aired in the osaka-region [japan] which is called ParaChara (short for “parallel characters”) and consists of eleven girls dressed in “french maid”-outfits reporting anime-related stories… i’m think living in the wrong country! 😛

pr0n Art

I got myself “Junka ~ Accustomed Flower” from Harazaki Takuma, as I adored “Golden Stage”. It’s just a bunch of shorts, but they’re very good. His artwork and detail just plain rocks! Best hentai artist around (well… there are a few others I really like as well (Drill Murata, Zero no Mono, Studio Huan, Wan Yan Aguda (?), whoever did “Daijoubu” & “Love”, Rei Hidiri, Hinden Burugu, most people who contributed to “Misty Moon Metropolis”, Kashi (?), Isutoshi (“Slut Girl” is one of the funniest ones around), …)