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I got myself “Junka ~ Accustomed Flower” from Harazaki Takuma, as I adored “Golden Stage”. It’s just a bunch of shorts, but they’re very good. His artwork and detail just plain rocks! Best hentai artist around (well… there are a few others I really like as well (Drill Murata, Zero no Mono, Studio Huan, Wan Yan Aguda (?), whoever did “Daijoubu” & “Love”, Rei Hidiri, Hinden Burugu, most people who contributed to “Misty Moon Metropolis”, Kashi (?), Isutoshi (“Slut Girl” is one of the funniest ones around), …)

2 thoughts on “pr0n Art

  1. Alpha_Black

    I adore zero no mono!!! unfortunatly cant find any of his art on the net, do you know any site
    where i could see some of his mangas for free?, plz email me

  2. sushiboy

    My favourite has to be Kiyoshirou Inoue. Gorgeous art, fantastic subject matter. If you liked Misty Moon Metropolis, then I recommend No Mercy. Very similar subject matter, only kicked up a notch.

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