Monthly Archives: February 2002

slightly updated the wavelet code again… i had a little inspiration yesterday evening (well… it should’ve been the obvious thing to do): i now reorder the coefficients that were set to 0 (for non power-of-2 dimensions) to the end of the block. this improves compression on such images by about 0.7-1.2%. yey. and makes old images look odd. ^_^

updated the code page w/ the wavelet kompressor, made some (very minor) changes to the code and added documentation (i think that’s a first for me ;)!

working on a GUI for my wavelet compression for people to play around w/… should be done on monday! (but still haven’t put sensible comments into the code :-/)

mini mezzo-forte review:
i was laughing my butt off… very funny…
in contrast to (a)kite, this is very, very black comedy/humor (which – in contrast to what i’ve seen of excel saga – actually works), and it was constructed in such a way than you can edit out the sex w/o having an impact on the story (probably at mediablasters request), so that if hentai is not your cup of tea, you most likely won’t miss anything vital if you get the “cut” version.
so, if the (copious?) violence does not put you off, it’s very funny and incredibly well animated… ^_^