Monthly Archives: March 2006

Alastair Reynolds – “Pushing Ice”

I finished reading Alastair Reynolds “Pushing Ice” about a week back. I was sceptical as it didn’t take place in the Revelation Space universe and was put off by the mediocre Amazon-reviews, but I think the people who gave it those marks didn’t understand it at all.
He manages to convey so much more in 500 pages (which I finished in the span of 2 days) than – say – Peter F. Hamilton in 2000… You have to pay some attention as much information is given in passing or has to be inferred, but this is to the books’ credit, not to its detriment.
It starts of as an amalgam of so many things – alien artifact / first contact story, moving on with strong influences of some Arthur C. Clarke books, but it pulls through brilliantly into something I never saw coming, never forgetting the human touch (and reminding me that fights between women are scary!).
I even liked the ending (which I rarely do), because it stops where it ought to.
Very recommended!