Monthly Archives: February 2003

Wavelet Fixes

*Small bug fixed (decidedly non-power-of-2 images sometimes had important wavelet-coefficients zeroed out). Thanks, Christian Lange!*
Wavelet code updated to version 2.5.2 (including source). Improved the quantiser-selection for bit-limits (i.e. file-size) a LOT (was a bit stupid before – I only optimised for the smallest difference in maximum and minimum mean square error) -> much better results for same size, changed compile-settings slightly (should be faster) and added a bitplane / quantiser display to the GUI. Get it here!

Nvidia pays Strippers

Had a great time at Nvidia’s Dawn to Dusk conference (I really hope they don’t get around to putting up some of the more embarassing photographs…). Although some of the talks were slightly modified versions of presentations given earlier, most of them were still very interesting (Kevin Bjorke’s talk on cinematic effects and the one on technology used in their demos by Tristan Lorach to mention a few)…

Shivers of Joy

My copy of Yoko Kanno’s “Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex O.S.T.” arrived, and it is too good to be true… 😉
It contains whole range of styles, one track in particular owes a lot to Björk’s “Hyperballad”, but they all stand very well on their own. The 2nd part of Track 12 – “Silent Cruise” is my absolute favourite though; it mixes strings from the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra with electronic sounds and beats. It’s so good I get a shiver down my spine everytime I listen to it… <sigh>
There are quite a few tracks with English lyrics (even printed in English in the booklet) which are dangerously catchy, so you’ll have to be careful not to get caught singing nonsense-lyrics… 😉
Absolutely recommended!

Not that great

As you can see, I spent my weekend trying to get through at least the set of first episodes of new anime lying around on my HDD (thanks to chris!). Because of the 48h Firemen’s strike, the CTM project deadline has been moved to Wednesday, which opened up this “opportunity”. Watched a lot more, but most of the other series didn’t seem worth mentioning in particular (Stratos4, Happy World, CKCB)…

Cute and Serious

Something for the magical girl crowd (but more slice-of-life IMO) is “Figure 17 – Tsubasa & Hikaru”. It is very, very nice (in the original sense of the word) and has all the usual prequisites (at least one parent dead, having to transfer schools, loosing friends, etc.); although her father doesn’t really seem to care about Tsubasa, which makes him appear quite mean (or ignorant). I’m still not quite sure about the target audience for this, as even I was scared of the (quite original) monster in episode 1… ^_^

Pretty alone does not win the Race

Another more interesting (and mature) new series is “Wolf’s Rain” by BONES. Post-something (most likely apocalyptic), very well animated and intriguing, it seems to be about a group of wolves who are disguising as / hiding among humans (as they’re long thought to be extinct) looking for their “paradise”. There also is the “flower” (girl?) with the scary blood-red eyes… And lots of other things, which make it very, very interesting!