Shivers of Joy

My copy of Yoko Kanno’s “Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex O.S.T.” arrived, and it is too good to be true… 😉
It contains whole range of styles, one track in particular owes a lot to Björk’s “Hyperballad”, but they all stand very well on their own. The 2nd part of Track 12 – “Silent Cruise” is my absolute favourite though; it mixes strings from the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra with electronic sounds and beats. It’s so good I get a shiver down my spine everytime I listen to it… <sigh>
There are quite a few tracks with English lyrics (even printed in English in the booklet) which are dangerously catchy, so you’ll have to be careful not to get caught singing nonsense-lyrics… 😉
Absolutely recommended!

4 thoughts on “Shivers of Joy

  1. crash happy

    hey found ya through a GITS google search. is *this* ost better than the “be human” GITS soundtrack i’ve seen? as long as it has the open/close themes and some image music, then that’s the one i guess i want. hell, it’s yoko fricking kanno, i’ve groved to her songs sung by a fricking space cowboy dog, so i’d probably like either disc 🙂 back to reading yer blog…

  2. Anthraxcite

    Disturbing resemblance between Fish ~ Silent Cruise and Ruthless Gravity of Craig Armstrong, no?

    Silent Cruise is one of my favorites songs too.

  3. [maven] Post author

    Very good point; I like both songs very much probably because they are so similar. As a side note, I “discovered” this particular Craig Armstrong song due its use in the film “Layer Cake” with Daniel Craig… 🙂

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