Monthly Archives: April 2003

Ian Banks’ Formula

I’ve been reading quite a bit of Ian M. Banks lately (“Consider Phlebas”, “Excession”, “Inversion”, and currently “Look to Windward”). Quite nice, but the books are too short (taken me 2 days on average for one of them) and seem too focused on providing a semi-memorable non-happy ending.
I still prefer Vernor Vinge as he has – in my opinion – more of a plausible technological backdrop and vision. And more dread… 😉 But until his next book comes out, Banks is a very welcome distraction.

Waking the Dead

“Metroid Prime” rocks. But I hate the room w/ the respawning Fusion Metroids… Why can’t I shoot ’em all down and do the jumping leisurely at my own pace? I *hate* respawning enemies (Yes, I know that enemies reappear after leaving the room, but that’s different)!