Monthly Archives: February 2005

Million Dollar Baby

I am a bit at a loss for words. Do not watch this if you think you’re getting a “boxing movie”. It’s not. It’s a drama. A very good one at that.
One thing I particularly liked about this film is that it dares to be silent, passages without dialogue. And if I age half as gracefully as Clint Eastwood, I’ll open a bottle…
Anyway, watch it. Very recommended.


Saw is a psycho-thriller in the vein of “Se7en” or “Silence of the Lambs”. It is able to stand on its own, though. A serial killer who calls himself “Jigsaw” puts people in carefully controlled situations in which they (in theory) have a way to survive; these situations usually have a personal connection to person being tortured. These games get more and more elaborate until there are multiple persons involved, all fighting for their way out of a death trap — at the cost of others.
The film is truly scary and horrific, and the way the plot turns is unpredictable, but not too far-fetched. In retrospect, I am not entirely convinced that the timeline of events holds up to scrutinity, but that thought never has time to come to the surface while actually watching “Saw”. Recommended.

new word-press

As you can see WordPress 1.5 is out and it includes a new default theme.
The changes relevant to the site (as of now) are:

  • The links (on the right-hand side) have moved down past the archives. Thus it is a bit harder to distinguish the “internal” links (aka the code section) from external ones.
  • SpamKarma is known to be flaky with any WordPress release >= 1.2.x. Thus it is diabled and I’ve left the discussion options at the default settings.
  • I really hope I won’t get any more trackback notification emails as it is disabled on all posts.