Monthly Archives: July 2004

Virus Statistics

In the past 58 days I’ve gotten 9738 viruses via email. The list consists of 37 unique types, mostly NetSky, Bagle and LovGate variants. If one assumes 50 kilobytes of traffic per mail, then that’s equal to approximately 475 megabytes for two email addresses. And then there’s all the rejected mails with invalid recipients and / or senders (not to speak of smtp attempts). 🙁

Worm/Bagle.AA, AA.HTA, H, Htm.11, J, K, O, Z, Z.VBS
Worm/LovGate.AE, AH.2, AH.3, W
Worm/Mydoom.F, H
Worm/NetSky.#1, AB, B.1, C, C.4, D.Dam, K, O.2, P, P.Expl, Q, Q.Pk, T, X, Z

Samurai Champloo

I decided that I had to start one of the new anime series eventually, and thus watched the first five episodes of “Samurai Champloo”. It seems good fun, is rather bloody and foremost stylish. But that is also one of the problems I have with it: It seems to be tailor-made for the American market. Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (of “Cowboy Bebop” fame) and outfitted with — sometimes fitting and sometimes forcibly overlaid — hip-hop music, the character designs are very reminiscent (but not as radical) as the Animatrix’ “The Kid” with its very slender limbs.
I have to say the animation is awesome enough to make me keep watching it, but I sincerely hope that there will be a properly engaging story-arc rather sooner than later… A trio of two different (and averse) but equally capable samurai and the reconciling quota-female is not the most ground-breaking of story ideas.

King Arthur

I watched “King Arthur” yesterday, and actually quite liked it. My background on the tale is near non-existent, which might’ve helped (or not). It’s got a nice sweeping score, and the general friendship among the knights came across well.
I was surprised to see Til Schweiger in it, but he fit the role very well. The cast in general was good, but I have my doubts on the accuracy of Keira Knightley’s “war dress”, though.