Monthly Archives: February 2004

SCART vs. SVideo vs. Dolby 5.1

Cabling up the XBox like I want to is a bit of a hassle: In a perfect world, I’d like to hook it up via S-Video and the optical sound output. The “advanced” (or whatever they call it) video cable (ie. the one that provides the digital audio output) only comes with an RGB-SCART cable from which I could not extract an S-Video signal with colour, only black and white. So I’ve had to settle for composite (same as the Gamecube) with a switch.
Hello Microsoft, I want digital audio output and an S-Video signal cable, please. 😉

Project Gotham Racing 2

Project Gotham Racing 2 (PGR 2) looks very nifty and plays just as good. It’s the first time in a racer (only having played even less realistic ones like Burnout 2 or Need for Speed: Underground) I’ve gotten a rush driving with high speed at a sharp corner, braking at the last second and managing to slide around it. It’s also the first game that made me understand how brakes could ever be a problem in racing… 😉 The amount of licensed cars in the game is also very high, so that chances are that you’ll find a car you like. Whether you like driving it is another story.

Top Spin

Top Spin is a very nice tennis game. Excellent graphics (and sound, too). In general (for all of the games) the 5.1 sound is awesome! I very much recommend the digital sound hookup (although I had to to a lot of fiddling to get Composite-video from the RGB-Scart cable (couldn’t get S-Video to work)). The only thing I wish they improved in Top Spin is to shorten the loading times and to “smoothen” the very digital movement animation for the replays (i.e. for replays fit some sort of spline through the points where the characters are moving as it is very evident when a human player changes direction).

Rainbox Six 3

Rainbow Six 3 is a nice, squad-based shooter (haven’t played on Live yet). Reminded me a lot of SWAT 3 game-play wise, but looks much prettier. Using the headset for giving orders actually works surprisingly well and adds a lot to the game.