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Fird real snow! This is (if I remember correctly) the first proper snow in Hannover. It is still quite warm though (> 0°C) and the snow is thus more reminiscent of a “slush puppy” than anything else. Melts quite quickly, too…


Shredded Middle Finger That is what happens when you have to help your parents refurbish some flat. And on the third day, he managed roll 3 spikes into / through his finger and nail… So the damage is actually on the other side. 😉

I can post Desktops, too

My Desktop I had the idea of putting up a semi-random snapshot regularly. Unfortunately, not that much has been picture worthy recently. The weather is pretty drab, and I haven’t been anywhere exciting.
So, to start off with a bang (ahem), here’s my desktop!
Spot any or all the the following: el-cheapo DVD-player, Gamecube, coffee-cup with no coffee, auto-winding wristwatch that doesn’t autowind, Bluetooth headset, Griffin PowerMate, 5.1 amp, old-ish Sony Clié, two USB LED-displays, and various other stuff…