Reon Kadena

Reon (Leon?) Kadena just ought to stop that merciless teasing and do “proper” AV. 😉 Which reminds me, that I haven’t heard from Maiko Kazano in a long time, maybe she has retired…

43 thoughts on “Reon Kadena

  1. Steve Morrison

    Yes, I agree. I was very disappointed that having done a nude photography book with Kishin Shinoyama her most recent DVD reverted to the almost-nude (but no nipples or bush) scenarios of her first two discs. I’d pay good money to see her suck a big cock (dressed in her school uniform, of course).

  2. MugenHAN

    She did a nude with Shinoyama Kishin? What is the name of this book, and where can I find it (to buy)?

    I actually prefer the teasing. If she just went straight to AV without doing any nude idol DVDs, it would be upsetting. Look how much anticipation Hagiwara Mai brought up before she finally did AV! ^_~

  3. Killa X

    I think she is the hottest thing since Yua Aida and I was disappointed to find out that she IS NOT AN AV STAR and She does not take it in every nasty spot like some of my other favorite girls Like REI ITOH and Yua

  4. Killa X

    I suggest that you guys search the web for picts cause there is one with her standing by the pool with her nipple hanging out of a shirt that says: “HOW TO MARRY A RICH MAN” She looks so hot I want to eat her for lunch.

  5. jonas

    i also like yua aida but i have no access or way to have a glimpse of her body. im all the way from the philippines. i hope your kindness & influence can help me make my dreams come true. ~thx

  6. pp head

    anyone know where i can get a nude vid of reon (for free)? if on exists that is ……i got a nonude one at torrentreactor and its good but i want more 😀

  7. vicious

    Where can I find the picture with the shirt “HOW TO MARRY A RICH MAN” ?
    And we could ask for her to make AV videos in her new website. If we are a lot, well, maybe…

  8. DanCrandy

    I have a video clip that has a scene with Reon wearing the torn ” How to marry a rich man” shirt. Her nipple is exposed in the short video part.
    Most of the other video “matches” the topless photos with the non-nude video segments.

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  10. Jab

    She should definitely do AV. She’s just pretending to suck dick and get fucked in all her usual stuff anyway. Besides, she’ll have more fun getting facials than what she’s currently doing now.

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