Monthly Archives: November 2002

Donnie Darko

“Donnie Darko” is an amazing film. Amazing! It’s a science-fiction period-film (late eighties) about teenage angst, time-travel and just about everything else. It’s very good at creating a dark, odd mood and suspense; the music is excellent, …
The R1 DVD picture is a bit soft and grainy but that was supposedly due to the type of film used… Lots of nice extras (extended / deleted scenes, director / cast commentary (very insightful)!). A definite must have seen!

Fruits Basket Songs

The Funimation “Fruits Basket #1 DVD” is done quite well (ignoring the fact that it’s $10 more than “KareKano / His & Her Circumstances” for the same episode count (6)). All soft subs (font is a tiny bit too small IMO), good picture quality, some extras (mainly the Japanese “Making-Of” / Preview / Teaser show). The show is excellent; it sets out to make feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it succeeds very nicely.
But never ever listen to the dubbed opening song! The original is so nice and beautiful… Why bother to ruin it?