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It seems that Marcel Holtmann’s work on the Bluetooth-side is making nice progress. The bluez-userspace package (which was updated last week in Debian-unstable) now natively supports BT-HID devices (i.e. mice and keyboards). So far, I had used a self-compiled cvs-checkout of bluez-libs2 and -utils2 that provided the necessary daemon that got the mouse working. To get the new package working, I compiled a patched Debian 2.6.6-mh3 kernel (which is really easy to do thanks to the packaging system / support scripts), rebooted, “inaccessible root device”, remembered to use --initrd for make-kpkg and all was well.
I just hope that Marcel’s patches make it into the next official kernel (2.6.7)… 😀

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  1. Max

    I want to install Bluttooth on my linux box also, and just surfed to Holtmans Page. I Found this Interesting statement on this Page:
    ” The current statement why I can’t list the products that are known to be working with Linux goes like this:

    Whether or not you’re selling them makes no difference. The problem is due to the distribution of them from your Web site. Please note that the use and distribution of non-qualified products is a violation of the Bluetooth License Agreement. As neither of these products have been qualified using Linux it is illegal to make them available for public use. ”

    only for inforation. I found this very interesting..

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