Dancing Stage Unleashed

I’ve been trying to get my hands on “Dancing Stage Unleashed” (or “Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix” as it’s called in the US) pretty much since it was supposed to be out in the beginning of March. But is is very hard to get a hold of a copy (and don’t ever think about believing Amazon’s 1-2 weeks dispatch estimate). Finally, somewhen in May, a local shop had a copy of the game — but no dance mats.
I then decided to import the game (and dance-mats) via Amazon.co.uk. They even had a package deal for the game and a dance mat for 30 quid. Unfortunately, the estimated 1-2 weeks turned into 4-6, and then 2-4 months. Which brings us to last week, where I decided to order the game and two mats separately (“usually dispatched within 24h”). They managed to send the stuff three days later, and I actually got a copy of the game on Saturday. But no mats! I just hope they turn up soon so that this odyssey will end! 😉
Moral of the story: Konami Europe has major supply problems, the game is too low-key outside of the US and Japan or Amazon just can’t get their shit together (unfortunately no other online-stores had the mats or they wouldn’t deliver to Germany). Or maybe all three of them.

Update: The mats arrived the same day (Monday). And I’m a lot worse than I thought… 😉

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