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The Funimation “Fruits Basket #1 DVD” is done quite well (ignoring the fact that it’s $10 more than “KareKano / His & Her Circumstances” for the same episode count (6)). All soft subs (font is a tiny bit too small IMO), good picture quality, some extras (mainly the Japanese “Making-Of” / Preview / Teaser show). The show is excellent; it sets out to make feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it succeeds very nicely.
But never ever listen to the dubbed opening song! The original is so nice and beautiful… Why bother to ruin it?

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  1. momiji

    i cried my eyes out during ep25 and 26!!!!! kyo’s story is so………………. heartbreaking!!! anyways, if anyone knows where to download(free ones) “teru-teru momiji” mp3 from episode 12, can u pllleeaseeeee tell me the website, by e-mailing to my e-mail ? (oh yea, and if you have the songs, u can send it to me, it’s loads better *winks*) pplleeeassseee~~

  2. Kyo Sohma

    I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Fruits Basket I own all of the ones in english and duh kodocha and FB were voiced and directed by the same people make a gaia page to speak to me! my name is kyo-kun16 bye

  3. Shainne

    FRUITS BASKET RULEZ!!! i really really love this anime!!! especially the characters!!! i do hope so that there will a be a second season of this anime!!! because i really really wanne find out what’s gonna happen to tohru with the sohma family!!! please do give me a beep on my e-add when something new comes!!! thanks!!!

  4. 2 Loveli 4 U

    There is a petition for the second season of Fruits Basket; I’ve listed it below.
    I doubt they’re ever going to release the second season but there’s no harm in trying!

  5. Almighty Z

    Hey does anyone know where i can get a hold of sheet music for piano arranged by: Tatsuya Murayama for the song “For Fruits Basket”? All i found was one arranged by someone else. I’d rather get a hold of the original copy if anyone knows. Thank You!

    Please email the information to:

    I am barely through with the movies (One more volume to watch!). I have yet to finish the manga. I really enjoy the series so far. Heh. And i’d have to agree that Kyo is cool, but both Shigure and Ayame are hilarious!

  6. Kyo Sohma

    Hi its been a long time I know the english version of for fruits basket
    I was so happy when you smiled your’e smile breaks through the clouds of
    gray Far from the sunny days that lie in sleep Waiting with patience for the spring when the flowers will bloom in nude again knowing there’s more
    beyond the pain of today

    Although the scars of yesterday remain, you can go on living as much as your heart believes you can’t be born again although you can change
    Let’s Stay togather always
    ba ba ba baa ba ba ba ba
    ba ba ba baaa ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
    ba ba ba baa baaaa ba ba ba!

  7. momoko onigiri

    I LOVE FRUITS BASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HAVE ALL THE MANGA BOOKS AND DVDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    I WANNA COLECT THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. einjeru-chan

    i realy wish they made a 2nd season of fruits basket id like to hear what they would pick for the other voises thats not in the 1st season

  9. Lissy

    I REALLY REALLY need the english version of “Serenade” that is NOT fandubbed. Please D: I’ve looked everywhere…TT^TT

  10. Ree 01 ;]

    Waaow…iii i though it all waaas soo totally geek and lame and so on πŸ˜›
    But one day i was so bored so i went on the comp and i search on youtube for some music and Fruit Basket popped up from nowhere and i though – hey give it a shot, maybe ill get a good laugh. And that wasent all i got cuasewhen i saw it all,, i went all NUTS! well anyhow i coulent shut up about it all so at school brakes, lunch, after school i went straight home to watch episodes xP weird huh? but now it has kinda ended but ive opend my eyes for the World of manga animies and fallen in luuv again with all sort of manga stuff ^^

  11. Ree 01 ;]

    soory comp messed up in the start.
    i meant “wow i loouve IT :D, i though it was so geek and lame” (BUT IT ISENT) okkay πŸ˜›

  12. anime fb lover

    hey guys i have been looking 4 the fb ep 4 about 4 ever i cant find the dubbed or english ep PLEASE help me i at least spend an hour looking 4 ep in one day but i find some and i cant find the rest HELP please

  13. Hikaru

    So…Fruits Basket is so totally awesome! Haha i used to LOVE Kyo but not anymore. I remember when I first watched fruits basket…ah the memories… I totally got obsessed with it! especially kyo and momiji! And to this day every time i watch the last ep, i cry because of akito… So on opinion what is the best furuba song?

  14. V-chan

    In my opinion, the dubbed version of Fruits Basket is pretty good. The voices are nice and the words are sweet. Fruits Basket is the best dubbed anime I’ve seen so far. The anime these days are horrible. The voice are bad and annoy the heck out of you and they act to idiotic. When you watch animes in japanese there are curse words and little puns you wouldn’t understand in english…I went off topic…Anyways I have all the Fruits Basket DVD’s; except, for the last one. I lost it >.

  15. Kayzie

    Yup, not there. I have every song in all soundtracks and not ONE of them is the song I am looking for (or at least doesn’t appear to be). For a refresher its the Song that’s played in episode 24 just before Kyos teacher rips his bracelet off. IT IS EPIC. Wow I haven’t been here since 2007. I just recently re-watched all the episodes.

  16. Tyler

    Oh man, I love Fruits Basket both anime and Manga.

    I love Kyo, Yuki, Momiji, Ayame, Shigure, Hatsuharu, and Hiro. They are all hottt. πŸ˜›

  17. Ayu Chanz

    omg i just wish there was more episodes to fruit basket. the 26 episodes just wasnt enough. there could have been more romance if they decided to make a season 2.

  18. Me go loco now

    hi there fruites fans. i need a little help here for a preformence i have to do.
    i need some one to find the lyrics to the hot spring song that bunny-chan sings.
    you know
    who’s that strolling in the forest?
    i need the full

    if found please send it to ( e-mail)
    thank you all

  19. Akito-sama

    I don’t even know if this thread’s still alive, but…
    @Me go loco now, from listening to it I’d say the full version of Momiji’s song is as follows:

    Who’s in the forest strolling?
    The birds and the bees sing Momiji,
    the frogs in the pond are calling,
    Momiji, yes it’s true.

    The trees raise their leaves together,
    who needs the sun when we’ve got you?

    Who’s in the forest strolling?
    The birds and the bees sing Momiji,
    the frogs in the pond are calling,
    Momiji, yes it’s true.

  20. .:XxFruitsBasketxX:.

    These are the lyrics to the serenade at the end of the 18th episode, I think it’s so pretty πŸ™‚

    Something delicate,
    Special like the love we know,
    I’ve had fragile heart beats at times secure and times alone,
    My first treasure to me in the years to find,
    It’s what I cling to when confusion clouds my mind,

    When you come running to me,
    Suddenly I feel as if everything’s okay
    Lost in your smile
    All at once I’m swept away.
    When trouble falls upon me like rain,
    And the world becomes what they call a lonely place,
    You carry me through
    From dreary skies the sun breaks through.

    When you’re feeling lost and don’t know what to do
    You can see me calling out to you,
    And when you’re shivering from winter wind upon your face,
    I’ll hurry towards you and warm you with an embrace.

    Baby you can count on me,
    Always and forever lost, And right next to you,
    Come with me and I know it’s worth to see it through.
    Love can be a delicate thing,
    True love has the power that is infinitely real.
    Locking the heart with true emotions that you feel.

    Fruits Basket opening song:

    I was so happy when you smiled
    Your smile breaks through the clouds of grey
    Far from the sunny days that lie in sleep

    Waiting with patience for the spring
    When the flowers will bloom renewed again
    Knowing there’s more beyond the pain of today

    Although the scars of yesterday remain
    You can go on living as much as your heart believes
    You can’t be born again although you can change
    Let’s stay together,

    I also know the Japanese lyrics for the opening song xD

    Ending song:
    Now letÒ€ℒs all gather
    Enjoying the company we share
    Our tears will dissolve into thin air
    As we drink up this wonderful life

    La la la la la la la- la!
    Take it in all this sweet love in life.
    La la la la la la la- la!
    Drink enough of this good love in life.
    La la la la la la la- la!
    Take it in all this sweet love in life.

    Do do do do
    La da do do

    I don’t think those lyrics are all right but I didn’t have my Fruits Basket Dvd’s on me |D:| so i couldnt check xD

    Laura Bailey (Sings “Little Prayer” Closing Theme) and she also does the voice for Tohru

    Meredith McCoy (Sings “For Fruits Basket” Opening Theme)

  21. Kisa Sohma

    I Love Fruits basket!!!! Alot of the fruits baskets songs are on youtube! and if you want to buy them, there on Itunes ….but in Japanese only…

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