Monthly Archives: June 2002

King of Bandit Jing

watched “King of Bandit Jing 01” (thanks bakaMX) and although it does not seem to be anything special, i like it! a bit like “One Piece”, but the artwork is a lot more stylish (with those nice eye-designs, coat and collar)…


got access to the first four episodes of “hellsing”, a co-production betwen pioneer ldc and GONZO. it is one of those late-night anime show, and it seems very interesting (for chris: it reveals more back-story / episode than noir). it uses some very odd sayings / language, especially if you happen to live in england (e.g. people pronouncing “amen” in an american way / “may good & the queen save all of you”…)
also, it seems to have the typical GONZO-flaw that the shading of the artwork is flawless, but the key-frames themselves (i.e. the line-art) have not been paid teribly much attention to in some sequences.
altogether though, it’s dark, it’s stylish, it’s got good music and it seems to have a concept / story. nice one!