got access to the first four episodes of “hellsing”, a co-production betwen pioneer ldc and GONZO. it is one of those late-night anime show, and it seems very interesting (for chris: it reveals more back-story / episode than noir). it uses some very odd sayings / language, especially if you happen to live in england (e.g. people pronouncing “amen” in an american way / “may good & the queen save all of you”…)
also, it seems to have the typical GONZO-flaw that the shading of the artwork is flawless, but the key-frames themselves (i.e. the line-art) have not been paid teribly much attention to in some sequences.
altogether though, it’s dark, it’s stylish, it’s got good music and it seems to have a concept / story. nice one!

3 thoughts on “Hellsing

  1. Jeannette

    hi, does anyone know the name of the song played at the end of the the last episode Hellfire?…a man is singing it…it starts just after the text before we see Integra ina cell

  2. Nick

    Through many MANY days of searching, I may have come up with a song title for you. I am not entirely certain that this is the song you want, but it may well help to guide you there.

    The title I have come up with is “Shi-kuretto Karuma Serenade”

  3. Andre

    Hi, i really need help for this one…Does anybody know the name of the song played in order 6: deadzone at minute 18 when yan valentine takes its machine gun with the hand he have, alucard is scaring luke valentine with his powers and victoria is knocking down the hellsing zombies? Thanks…

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