about vStrip-progress

got a bit side-tracked into 3d-rendering and i am now into developing a nice shading algorithm… ups.

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  1. Dave Mazer

    This is a great tool! Is there a way to set start LBA and end LBA using the vstrip at the command line? I’m going crazy trying to find any documentation on using vstrip at the command line. Thanks…

  2. Mark

    Hi, vStrip does it! Great application, only I don’t understand the Append to Output option… what does it do?
    Thanks in advance, come over and I buy you a beer!

    PS. Do you have The Manual? Found only worst written stuff on the Net

  3. [maven] Post author

    If the output-files already exists, vStrip appends its output to them, instead of overwriting the files.
    And to quote “The Matrix”: “There is no manual.”

  4. Maniaco

    Hello Maven, i wrote to you way back, and I’m still trying to find out how to do a demux of a file from the command line.

    I’m no pro at all and would apreciate it if you could take a minute or two to send it to me.

    The file is a VOB in my F (DVD) drive. I know the video is at 0xE0 and the audio is a substream at 0x80 (ac3). Being abble to do it from the command line would save me a lot of time since I use it to demux all my home videos from my sony dvd cam.

    Thanks alot in advance for your support.


  5. H. C.

    Apparently vStrip can’t remove telecine flags from the mpeg2-stream (I’m just talking about streams that aren’t hard telecined here). Do you know of any tool that can do that (I’m looking to put mpeg2 in matroska – currently it works but I think IVTC is done at runtime – not the cleanest way to do things).

  6. wee


    I’m trying to figure out vSync. There’s this DVD I want to rip, that no other applications I’ve used managed to do the job. Then I heard vStrip is the “the best” ripper of them all. But when I’ve selected VOB files, and press Run, I allways get the message: “vStrip lost sync (not authenticated) [@LBA 0]” and when I select IFO, I get the error: “Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 100037BC in Modul ‘vStrip.dll'”
    Do you have any idea of what I maight be doing wrong?


  7. i4b

    Hello Maven,

    VStrip looks kind a unique to me. I like the command line options. I wonder if there is a way to split MPEG files precisely at the I-frames from the command line. My Kiss VR-558 Videorecorder looses sound if the second file does not start with an I-frame. If this is not possible now, would it be possible to add this functionality to VStrip?

    This would make VStrip even more unique. I haven’t found a program that could do this from the command line after searching the internet quite intensively. I am sure Kiss VR-558 owners would appreciate this functionality.
    I already appreciate the speed and straight forwardness of VStrip!

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