9 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. XRO

    Almost bought the 360. Too many of these kinds of reports are making me rethink it. Are there any good games on it anyway apart from Dead Rising and Lost Planet? Haven’t played DR but have played the LP demo and it was great. Love PN03 on the cube, haven’t found anything as fun lately.

  2. Mijo


    this and the loud ventilator are the only two reasons why I did not bought the XBOX 360 and went for the Playstation 3 (altough I will use the Playstation for different things as DVB etc. too).

    Hope you already got the new XBOX and got some game for free or something for your loyalty (after 5 trashed XBOX 360 you more than deserved it).

    BTW, nice to see you are still around and writing. Almost 10 years since I “met” you on Oleg’s DVDBOARD. Take care.


    Mijo (Ookami)

  3. duncanyoyo1

    Maybe you should TAKE THE SPEAKER OFF OF IT. That is probably what is messing it up, remember speakers are magnets, magnets are not good for electronics.

  4. Kyle Davis

    Hey guys,

    Just picked up an Xbox 360 this last weekend at GoodWill for $75 (US). Of course, it wasn’t working. I called Microsoft and they promised to fix it for me for free. When I discussed this with my students last night, they confirmed this three red ring circle of death thing being common, but one of them mentioned it had something to do sometimes with overheating, so put blankets on top of it.

    I’m not really sure, I think he was pulling my leg… Wouldn’t covering up your Xbox 360 under blankets make it run warmer instead of cooler?

    One of the Indian-sounding types at Xbox 360 support was kind enough to send me a memory chip with a free game on it. If it happens again, maybe they’ll throw in an extra controller?

    The good news, is according to my students the Xbox 360 has a 3 year warranty, and this one was made just last year, so if it happens more than once, I will be fine I guess for the next couple of years.

    The funny thing was, we weren’t even planning on buying an Xbox 360, we were really seriously considering a Wii even though they still don’t have the model out that also plays DVDs… But, 75$ is 75$, right?

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