Wavelet 3.4.0

A slightly bigger release, which brings two major changes. Not compatible with older files due to the the reorder-changes. The improvements to bit.c are not terribly well tested. More here, as usual. As an aside, Kompressor is now served in a ZIP-archive, instead of a DMG…


  • Overhauled the reordering-code to make the table used independent of the aspect-ratio of the image. This makes old images incompatible with this version of the code. The smallest dimension (in wv_create_reorder_table) is now relevant for the largest table entry. Any image whose smallest dimension is smaller than the one used to create the table originally can safely use it.
  • Added a “min bits” criterion to the scheduler, that reserves a certain amount of bits for certain channels. Perceived image quality has improved a fair amount, the same default values are used in Kompressor and main.c.
  • We can now pass a write buffer into bit_open(), added bit_free() for deallocating automatically allocated regions. Only accepts lower-case mode-strings now.
  • Fixed (and simplified) scheduler preparations for very large absolute target errors.

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