HP Calculators (HP48GX, HP49G)

While swapping the extension memory card batteries in my trusty old HP48GX, I managed to erase the main memory as well as the 512KB card in port 2. 🙁
I had honestly forgotten how slow 9600 baud over a serial port really were. So here’s a list of recommended software if you have at least 2 ram-cards (1 for MetaKernel, the other for more libs):

Don’t forget to use AKEYS from ALG48 and to install the MKAddon.

While doing all this, I checked out Power48, an HP48/9 emulator for PalmOS 5 handhelds. It is very nice and runs very well on my Clie UX-50, although the necessary conversion programs for ROMs are only available for Windows. It’s still not as nice having to tap the buttons on-screen compared to just pressing real, physical buttons; but this may be aggravated by the fact that I am emulating an HP49 (so I wouldn’t have to install all the software which is included in the HP 49G ROM anyway) which has a completely different keyboard layout.
The interesting bit about the HP49 is that the last official ROM update is 1.19-6, a beta version. But Bernard Parisse has published the source-code to the CAS (computer algebra system) that he has written for HP (beware the license: you’re not allowed to redistribute the binary!). And this compiles (most easily using Cygwin) to a ready-to-use ROM release with version number 1.24. 😀

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