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I also received my 1gb iPod shuffle today (looking at watch: yesterday, actually). It’s tiny (about the volume of my older 256mb USB flash drive, but a bit longer and flatter), works well with iTunes (although reencoding the high-bitrate songs to 128kbit AAC slows it down quite a bit — I’ve turned that feature off in the hope that in a future version the reencoding threshold will be user-configurable) and plays music (full blast is louder than I would ever want to listen to).
And on the first auto-fill — I don’t know whether on purpose or by accident — iTunes selected exactly 240 songs to put on it (which is the exact number Apple quoted). 😀

4 thoughts on “iPod Shuffle

  1. Hitokiri

    Awesome. I got a 1Gb iPod Shuffle not to long ago; it’s amazing. Taking it to the gym is well worth it, it has almost no weight at all and provides an added randomness to my life. Have you looked at the possible accessories that you can get for them?

  2. allie

    I TRIED to use ipod shuffle…it was “incompatible” with my USB ports, which according to apple is not an isolated incident (although the first apple tech I spoke with had no clue).
    Apple offered an “easy fix”…just go purchase new USB driver from any retailer, at a cost of about $50 USD. Easy for them to say, after I just spent $149 USD on the ipod.
    So I’m looking for the same thing in a different brand that will WORK with my existing USB ports. I mean, good grief, I just bought the computer last year (Pent.4, 3.07 GHz, 260GB) so I didn’t expect the firmware to be outdated quite that fast.

  3. [maven] Post author

    There are some PC chip-sets that have notoriously spotty USB support (VIA comes to mind), but I am surprised it won’t work at all.

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