Flippy’s BitTorrent Tracker

Secondly, I’ve installed a version of “Flippy’s BitTorrent Tracker”, which in its entirety consists of 3 tiny php pages. I’ve looked through the code and it’s all very straightforward, as it only relies on writing a few data files to its own directory. It should be secure as it only opens particular filenames (allow, info-hashes). Unfortunately, it’s not developed (or even distributed) anymore. Googling for “FBT2.RAR” should do the trick, though. It also lives on in Down Hill Battle’s BlogTorrent.
Another interesting note: If one were to look for a tracker that allows anonymous torrents without registration, one could simply search for “flippy” and (“fbt” or “fbt2”) and check whether an “allow” files exists at the URL. If not, thanks for your bandwidth; the final URL should then be URL + announce.php… 😉

7 thoughts on “Flippy’s BitTorrent Tracker

  1. MD

    Hey, I wanted to make a tracker of my own, the simplest possible tracker. You said that yours took 3 php pages. Can you Send me those 3 pages? Any other sources that I download are very complicated, and I don’t know what to edit out and what isnt need.

  2. linuxgod

    thank you for keeping this file up to now, i can’t believe this i’ve been searching for this script for two days and after googling for sometime i find it on a blogspot thats posted on 2005…

    thanks again :]

  3. Trippnology

    A thanks from me too! Recently discovered your version on an old hard disk of mine.

    I’ve updated your modified version to use HTML5 and added magnet links and some trackers. I’ve put it up on github for easy access: TrippyBT. Feedback/comments/pull requests welcome. 🙂

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