I finished watching the “Firefly” box-set, and it is so good it is hard to describe. I bought it (UK import) on recommendations and don’t regret a bit. It is too unfortunate that the show was cancelled (butchered) by Fox after 14 episodes. I think, I’d much prefer this to continue than the new “Battlestar Galactica” (which is not bad at all). Incidentally, the CGI is done by the same studio. 😉
It an odd mixture of Western and Science Fiction, but somehow the distinct characters make it all work. It is also amazingly funny, but can be very serious and sad as well.
Anyway, there’s looking forward to the “Serenity” feature film and hopefully, they can continue from there.

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  1. henners


    if ya like firefly, which is damn good 😀 i’d highly recommend the japanese anime, cowboy bebop. it’s very similar, a group of double crossing bounty hunters in the future! even if you don’t like anime i can guarentee you’ll love this!


    henners, come to my site too!

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