Ordered (or more accurately made someone else order :P) a server to leave permanently running. If it works out, it may end up being the smallest server ever. Main features are low-power and low-noise (hopefully).

2004-08-30 Update: Via Eden 533mhz with 512mb memory and a 60gb 2.5″ harddisk. It looks like this

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  1. H

    How hot does this thing get?
    To explain. I constructed myself a small server using a plain aluminium box, a similar Via M/B, a ahard drive etc. After an hour, the case was too hot to touch! It seems to me that even if the CPU needs no fan, you need something at least changing the air inside now and again.

  2. [maven]

    It is on 24h a day with an average CPU load of roundabout 20%. I am currently reading my emails on there and according to Motherboard Monitor, the CPU is at 42°C, the case at 45°C and the HDD at 44°C. The case is definitely not too hot to touch, merely “warm”.

  3. Bal

    hiya, that server is ace, can i ask a question. the hard disk that your using is it a normal notebook/laptop 2.5″ harddisk, is the ide the same as a normal pc harddisk or did you have to build your own cable? if so could you let me know the pins out, as too wish to use a 2.5″ harddisk, for saving spaces instead of a normal disk, but i was unsure if it was compatiable. thanks could let me know via email. Great Job on the server… looks ace.

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