Monthly Archives: January 2004

Gunslinger Girls

I also watched (big surprise there) 8 episodes of “Gunslinger Girls” in two days (which at my current rate is a whole lot). After hearing of it first, I thought it was made for me. Then I had fears, fueled by AnimeSuki-forum posts, that it might be an “assassination of the week”-type show (or as emotionally unengaging as “Noir”). Luckily, it’s neither. It’s sad, so I’m a sucker for it… 😉

A proper Sub!

Kudos to AonE for picking up “Mezzo DSA”. Sometimes I feel that I don’t get the humour (either because it’s a difficult thing to translate or because I suck), but that doesn’t make it any worse; although their decision to concentrate (at least so far) on paranormal things is – to say the least – a bit surprising.

Mezzo DSA

I now have to catch up on nearly 5 days of anime-torrents… :S Having been a big fan of Yasuomi Umetsu’s “(A)Kite” and “Mezzo Forte”, I put the first “Mezzo DSA” episode at the very top of the queue, and certainly wasn’t disappointed. The action hasn’t been toned down and the animation nearly as good as in the OVA. I just hope than someone other than AJ picks it up as well (and that it runs for a long time)… 😉

New Job

My (temporary) office Started my job unexpectedly early (Tuesday) and I only got a web- (and all other sorts of) account(s) today. Seems interesting so far, actually went to Goettingen by train today to hear a talk, so it was quite an adventure.
This is my temporary office; to the left is a Linux-PC (or to make Mr. Stallmann happy, a GNU/Linux PC), and to the right a Unix-terminal. As it’s an office for two people, there’s an equivalent set-up on the other side of the room.

More Snow

More snow [time-travelled post] This is the view from the DLR parking space near the building where I work onto the Braunschweig airport’s runways. The weather on the drive there from Hannover was abysmal (icy rain which froze up my wind-shield while driving), but I got here safely to start my first day of work – doing a PhD.

Virii and Spam for free

Could people please make sure that they a) don’t run any sort of stupid attachments and b) don’t have Sobig.C? I’ve gotten about 60 copies of that particular worm in the past week, and it’s getting annoying. The “usual” (if there is such a thing) audience is probably be well aware of that, but it never hurts to mention it anyway…
Incidentally, my GMX-account has surpassed the 5000 Junk-mails border (which is quite something in 3 months). 🙁