Gunslinger Girls

I also watched (big surprise there) 8 episodes of “Gunslinger Girls” in two days (which at my current rate is a whole lot). After hearing of it first, I thought it was made for me. Then I had fears, fueled by AnimeSuki-forum posts, that it might be an “assassination of the week”-type show (or as emotionally unengaging as “Noir”). Luckily, it’s neither. It’s sad, so I’m a sucker for it… 😉

3 thoughts on “Gunslinger Girls

  1. joey

    hi , i just knew about the gunslinger girls and this show is off the hook i say its one of THE best Japanimation i have ever seen and who ever has episodes can u please show me or send me heres my email thank u

  2. Nick Pesqueda

    I believe any great anime should have a great opening and just as good, (if not better) ending. To my suprise gunslinger girls has both. Like LAIN music can be used to make any anime which is lacking in some departments far better than most others, and in many cases set them apart into a whole different class. As the first reply states it is alot more emotional than NOIR, and that alone is enough to keep me hooked.

  3. fezbee

    I haven’t watched the anime but i’ve already read the comic. It hasn;t ended yet. I love that story abd the sorrow that the main characters have. The most interesting character I think is Rico.

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