Monthly Archives: September 2003

Japanese Food

Went to Abeno Okonomiyaki in London today (next to the British Museum) to have lunch with Chris, Lindsey and Nick. I had an excellent time and the food was very nice. Next we strolled off to Chinatown, where some sort of Moon Festival was happening which involved Lions eating (and spitting) cabbage and money… (?)

Colourful Grays

Something that no review of P.N.03 has mentioned is the lighting. It is very subtle but quite impressive. It seems that most surfaces are somehow specularly lit (most likely using environment maps). This creates some slight banding issues on gray-ish surfaces (either because of the low bit-depth of the environment maps or because of frame-buffer compositing), but the overall effect looks very nice. Or maybe my flat-panel display’s composite input has trouble digitising dark grays? In any case, it’s nifty!

It’s a shooter!

Got myself P.N.03 and “Skies of Arcadia – Legends” for finishing the dissertation on time. So far, P.N.03 is good fun (if you know what to expect) and I’m slowly getting to the stage where my playing looks nice (having a fully upgraded Intera Guardian helps — Autofire!!!!)… Oh, and I love the music (Techno-ish).