That looks familiar

I was bored yesterday and took a look at Tron’s SmartRipper 2.41 source. Parts if the IFO-parser for example are identical to my vStrip code (e.g. angle detection) which I know I have written! 🙁

<sarcasm>Well done, Tron…</sarcasm>

5 thoughts on “That looks familiar

  1. Panda


    I know it’s a quite old post, from the good old days…
    I remembered it and wondered where you did get SmartRipper source code. I can’t find it out there…

    If you come to read this, and still have this source code, or a link to provide, would you mind sending it to me ?
    (panda “dot” management “at” free “dot” fr)

    Thanks anyway!

  2. Doom9awwyeah

    You’ve probably long since moved on from this, but I thought I should mention that doom9 has the 0.8e version of the source code and 0.8f release of the compiled code. Any chance of putting out the new source so that some of us who like to hack at this sort of thing can maybe take a shot at some of the newer schemes?

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