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Games of 2022

Last year has been pretty much the year of the life service game for me:

  • Still playing Destiny 2: The Witch Queen campaign was great, and the seasons are OK but predictable and getting a bit stale.
  • Started playing Genshin Impact (on PS5, not mobile), which in spite of my initial exploitative gacha hesitation contains a good (as well as large and growing) exploration game somewhere. It’s way too wordy in its dialog, but the actual mechanics and game itself is sound. After catching up on all the existing story content, I’m playing this in “maintenance mode” between content patches.
  • Also got hooked on Marvel SNAP (also playing this mainly on my M1 Mac rather than on phone / tablet). First time I’m playing one of these collectible card games. It strikes a really nice balance between simplicity and randomness, but also contains a surprising amount of depth and variability, and I’m having a good time even though I’m usually PvP / duel averse. The onboarding with the increasingly complex and larger card pools is well done.

So yeah, that’s the three season passes I’m currently paying for… 🥲

Other than that, I have (of course 😉) played the known quantities of Elden Ring, Horizon: Forbidden West, and God of War: Ragnarok, although I haven’t finished GoW yet, since I somehow rather felt like playing superhero card games…