WowPlot 0.1.3 – “Echoes of Doom”

WowPlot has been updated to version 0.1.3, featuring support for the new 3.0.2 combat log events (and subsequently removing support for 2.4.3 ones).
Only tested with a single Kara log, so please get in touch if you’re having trouble with new logs. 🙂

2 thoughts on “WowPlot 0.1.3 – “Echoes of Doom”

  1. Qia

    I wonder, are you going to be updating this for wrath? I’m interested in trying it out on our most recent raids.

  2. [maven] Post author

    It should work for Wrath. If you have a log that doesn’t work (for example because it contains vehicle events), please send me a (zipped) copy of the log, so I can fix it. =)

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