Music for 2007

While coding during the last month I’ve been listening to a lot of music via Pandora (a music recommendation service / internet radio station). I’m listing some of the stand-out tracks / artists I’ve enjoyed here

  • Röyksopp – The Understanding (Norwegian, kinda groovy, kinda poppy)
  • Amos Lee – Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight (relaxed)
  • UNKLE – Reign (electronic strings + big beats)
  • Crooked Fingers – Dignity and Shame (piano with slightly odd vocals)
  • Cat Power – I Found a Reason (via V for Vendetta)
  • The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (more aggressive and faster than the original)
  • Kasabian – Club Foot (from Tony Hawk’s Project 8 trailer)
  • Frou Frou – Details (pop-rock with nice female vocals, now part of Imogen Heap)
  • M83 – Teen Angst (from the A Scanner Darkly trailer)
  • Alpinestars – Carbon Kid (from the Test Drive Unlimited soundtrack, sounds like guest vocals from Placebo)
  • Rosie Thomas – When We Were Small (Farewell, Wedding Day, Bicycle Tricycle)
  • Ryan Star – Songs from the Eye of an Elephant (piano ballads)
  • Beazley Phillips Band – Shooting Ghosts (see above)
  • Camera Obscura – Pen and Notebook (female vocals + piano)
  • Apparat – Komponent (supposedly intelligent dance music (IDM), reminded me a lot of The Notwist)
  • Apparat & Ellen Allien – Orchestra of Bubbles (this actually is IDM, song tip: Rotary)
  • Statistics – Leave Your Name & Often Lie (alternative rock with some electronica, try A Number, Not a Name or Nobody Knows Your Name)

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