What’s happening?

Work is keeping me fairly busy (preparing for a conference in Toulouse), and not that much terribly exciting has happened. I (un-)am patiently waiting for my Mac Pro (having chosen a decent 3D card as well as 802.11 has moved the ETA to mid-September), Rhythm Tengoku (Rhythm Heaven) is great (I am still looking for the song from the festival-stage), and Chromehounds is regularly taking up my evenings.

This game has gotten very unfair reviews, founded on its mediocre single-player mode, but the squad-based persistent online war redeems it (although there still are a number of annoying bugs left to be ironed out by the upcoming patch). The way in which it encourages teamplay is cleverly designed, and it is the main reason I play. There is nothing else like it. If your are looking for a twitch-shooter, stick to Halo 2, but if you’re lusting for something more strategic and substantial (with endless options for building your own mech), this might be for you. Some comments from Penny Arcade might help explain what makes this game good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “What’s happening?

  1. NimbleJack

    Hey, saw your CH builder (great resourse BTW, thanks a TON for putting it together =D), I’m not sure all the stats are right though, I’ve used it a few times and come up with final stats for built hounds that are different then there in-game final stats. If I went through and checked the builder’s stats against actual in-game stats and found (and emailed corrections to you), would you be willing to update the builder?

    I look forward to hearing from you =)

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