Dancing Stage Unleashed 2

Konami’s “Dancing Stage Unleashed 2” (for the Xbox) came out a few weeks ago without me noticing. I gave in now and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it supports the Song Packs of its predecessor (although a way to use the “original” songs in part 2 without swapping the discs would be nice). I am not quite sure about any of the new songs yet, but there seem to be a lot more licensed tracks this time around. It even has 2 songs from Jesper Kyd; a 15 minute Hardwired / Global Trash v3 song would be too much to ask for, though. 😉 Another bonus is that it contains a beginner mode for training (which part 1 was sorely lacking for beginners like me).
There’s also a first download which unlocks 2 additional dancers. Did I mention how much I hate unlocking stuff via an online transaction if it’s been on the disc in the first place?

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