Computer Trouble

After rebooting twice for seemingly no reason yesterday evening, the PSU of my PC seems to have given up. That put me in some sort of dilemma as I had planned on buying a new machine some-when in the April timeframe, and spending €150 for a new PSU (as I don’t feel entirely comfortable with the really cheap PSUs and a Dual Athlon (2×1800+) with 4 hard-disks, huge RAID5 controller, and a Radeon 9800xt simply needs a lot of juice) just did not appeal for a single month.
I was leaning towards getting either a nForce4 Shuttle w/ an Athlon64 or a Mac mini. These machines couldn’t be more disparate, could they? I realised that I simply don’t need that kind of computing power at home (not to speak of the energy bills) and the Shuttle is not available yet.
I have thus ordered the faster Mac mini, an external drive (which I will now have to back-up separately as I don’t have a RAID anymore) and some more RAM. I still need to get a working PSU for getting all the data off the disks, though.

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