Games Update

I’ve now got Halo 2 (limited edition from CD Wow — the idiots sent me the Australian PAL version whose Region 4 DVD does not (officially) work here — wankers!), which is on hold for now. This is for a variety of reasons (one of which is hidden behind the “more” button as to avoid SPOILERS).
The two major reasons are Paper Mario 2 (which simply makes me smile) and Metroid Prime: Echoes (whose predecessor is the reason I bought the Gamecube). They’re quite a good combination, PM2 cheers me up when a boss in MP2 repeatedly smacks me down…
Halo 2 Spoiler: Another reason why it is on hold: I don’t particularly mind having to fight on the other side, but at least give me different enemies to fight. I can stop reflex-shooting Covenant on sight, but having the red or green crosshair as the only option to differentiate between friend or foe is surely a bit daft.

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